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Federated Wireless is all about innovation, on a larger scale. It’s at the core of our technology and it’s in the way we made shared spectrum possible, transforming wireless, for a cloud-driven world. It’s our innovations that help transform businesses, providing industry-leading wireless solutions to launch new service offerings, reach more customers and realize IoT potential like never before.

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Our technology enables solutions like 5G Private Wireless to give industries blazing-fast, low-latency, stable connections. As market leaders in shared spectrum, we have the infrastructure to deploy with speed and accuracy using our award-winning spectrum controller. Our mission is to make deploying and managing new 5G private and fixed wireless networks simple and affordable for the masses.

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  • Our enterprise customers rely on Cisco to solve complex challenges that can benefit from maximizing the 6-GHz spectrum across all use cases including outdoor, warehouses, stadiums, etc. Together, with Federated’s expertise in shared spectrum, and demonstrated success in deploying high performing, reliable private wireless solutions, we can offer enterprise customers the scale and reliability they need to succeed in the digital era.

    Yogesh Paliwal, Director, Product Management, Cisco Wireless
  • HPE Aruba Networking is excited to partner with Federated Wireless to bring 6 GHz Standard Power to the enterprise leveraging Federated Wireless's deep experience and proven cloud infrastructure for AFC.

    Stuart Strickland, CTO, HPE Aruba Networking Wireless and Distinguished HPE Fellow
  • When you introduce all of these devices and robotics for autonomous farming, it’s a massive amount of data in an extremely rural environment, and traditional connectivity becomes a huge problem. Managing a fleet of autonomous tractors and extracting data to different vendors in real-time would not be possible without the private wireless network from Intel and Federated Wireless.

    Alon Ascher, Chief Business Officer, Blue White Robotics
  • FreedomFi/Nova Lab selected Federated Wireless as a SAS administrator for its nationwide CBRS deployment due to superior performance, both on the SAS Spectrum Controller and ESC networks. The transition of CBSDs from CommScope to Federated’s SAS was smooth and simple. Customer support, having the ability to speak with a real person during the migration process and day-to-day support, has been top-notch. They are indeed a perfect partner.

    Joey Padden, VP of Wireless Eng, FreedomFi

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