Federated Wireless Announces Major Enhancements to its Class-Leading CBRS Shared Spectrum Offering

Upcoming improvements to CBRS will eliminate spectrum access challenges for more than 100,000 coastal devices, paving the way for wider CBRS adoption and spectrum usage


ARLINGTON, Va., April 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Federated Wireless, the global leader in spectrum management and shared spectrum services, is proud to announce significant enhancements to its CBRS offering, marking an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of shared spectrum. Moving forward, Federated Wireless’s nearly 350 customers located in areas with high incumbent activity will be protected from service interruptions related to U.S. DoD usage of the 3.5 GHz CBRS band.

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. residents and business are located in coastal areas where Navy radar operations occur. With the enhancements Federated Wireless has promoted, CBRS users will experience at least 60% and potentially as much as 80% improvement in spectrum availability in these areas.

“Our 400+ service provider and private wireless customers have chosen Federated Wireless for our unmatched innovation and service quality,” said Federated Wireless CRO Becky Bobzien-Simms. “We’ve listened to our customers and partners, and the universal feedback is that they demand more from the CBRS band. Our customers are ready to invest further in CBRS deployments but need spectrum that is stable, efficient, and economical to use.” Through the enhancements Federated Wireless has advanced, the user experience with CBRS spectrum will be on par with licensed spectrum that is many times more costly while still assuring robust shared access for incumbents and commercial users alike.

Federated Wireless’s new CBRS offering leverages the company’s unparalleled dynamic spectrum management expertise in opening bands like 3.5 GHz and 6 GHz for a range of innovative wireless broadband services. Federated Wireless has collaborated closely with industry and key government agencies, including NTIA, DoD, and the FCC, to identify improvements to the CBRS sharing framework, playing a pivotal role in driving these enhancements forward, so that commercial users can benefit from increased stability and efficiency without compromising critical incumbent operations.

“We see this new set of CBRS enhancements as a milestone in the maturity of spectrum sharing,” said Federated Wireless CTO Kurt Schaubach. “These improvements are possible because of the confidence and trust that Federated has built since the commercial launch of CBRS almost five years ago. Our track record of zero incidents of harmful interference to critical DoD operations paves the way for improving how a wide range of new users gain access to essential mid-band spectrum while ensuring that federal incumbents continue to be fully protected.”

“These enhancements are part of our commitment to advancing spectrum management capabilities,” said Kurt Schaubach. “They not only mark the next chapter in the CBRS success story but lay the foundation for extending modernized spectrum management to other bands identified in the National Spectrum Strategy.”

Federated Wireless looks forward to supporting the ongoing evolution of automated dynamic spectrum sharing in the CBRS and other shared bands, by leveraging its expertise in designing and implementing the next generation of innovative spectrum management capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual RAN (vRAN), and Open RAN (O-RAN).

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Federated Wireless is leading the industry in delivering shared spectrum connectivity, enabling carriers, enterprises, and industrial operators to access CBRS spectrum. The company offers spectrum access services to enable easy, reliable, and secure access to shared spectrum for private LTE and 5G networks. For more information, visit federatedwireless.com.

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