3.5 GHz CBRS Spectrum Access System (SAS)

Technology engineered for CBRS shared spectrum, from the leader in spectrum management.

Powering enterprise-level digital transformation through CBRS

Segmented for sharing among three tiers of users—incumbents, priority access license (PAL) users, and general authorized access (GAA)—the CBRS band is dynamically managed by a Spectrum Access System (SAS). Only a few companies, including Federated Wireless, have been approved by the FCC as CBRS SAS providers. The increased range, faster throughput, and improved capacity of shared spectrum systems is powering enterprise-level digital transformation across a broad range of use cases.

The Federated Wireless SAS:
a cut above.

99.999% availability from our triple-redundant design

185,000 access points deployed

500+ customers

24/7/365 live support & Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring

FCC-registered coast-to-coast ESC (Environmental Sensing Capability) sensors for full spectrum access

Sharing CBRS spectrum is made easy through our award-winning SAS

Implemented as a service in the cloud for efficiency and scale, the patented, algorithm-powered Federated Wireless SAS unleashes new business models, service opportunities and support for mission-critical applications.

Backed by our own triple-redundant nationwide ESC network, the SAS delivers access to the full 150 MHz of CBRS spectrum. Fully integrated to effectively detect incumbent activity, our ESC network and SAS ensure any affected commercial users are dynamically moved to available CBRS spectrum.

Key SAS Platform Features

Spectrum Quality Management

Enhanced Interference Management support through Channel Mask, Advanced Propagation Model, and best-in-class 24×7×365 support.

Built For Tomorrow

A cloud-native architecture tested to manage millions of devices for performance and scale.

Channel Management

Spectrum Inquiry channel guidance and same day grants deliver efficient access to available spectrum.

Dashboards And Analytics

Unique insights into spectrum utilization to easily improve manageability and troubleshoot issues.

Your future-proof
SAS provider.

Ecosystem Enablers

As a neutral third-party, Federated Wireless develops partnerships with other leading technology providers to meet specific customer requirements, drive faster deployments and enable success across the entire value chain.

Shared Spectrum Leader

Our business is transforming wireless through shared spectrum innovation. Founded in 2012, Federated Wireless brings 10+ years of shared spectrum advocacy and experience to the table.

Carrier-grade NOC + SLAs

We manage SLAs, maintain a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), and have operational expertise in delivering five nines availability for cloud-native applications.