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What is shared spectrum?

The U.S. is at the forefront of innovation that is transforming mobile communications globally, and that innovation is spectrum sharing. In an effort to increase spectral efficiency and ensure there is enough available spectrum to support the explosive growth of wireless data, the FCC established the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the 3.5 GHz radio band for nationwide spectrum sharing. This has seen huge success since commercial operation began in 2019.

The FCC continues to be a leader in the managed shared spectrum space. In 2022 they conditionally approved Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) systems to manage access to 6 GHz band spectrum by standard-power unlicensed devices. CBRS-SAS and 6 GHz-AFC enable operation of commercial wireless services at higher power in their respective spectrums while preventing occurrence of harmful interference to incumbents sharing these bands.

Technology to optimize
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Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) Network

Incumbent users are protected nationwide through our triple-redundant, standards-based Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) network fully integrated with our Spectrum Access System (SAS). The ESC network detects incumbent activity and ensures that any affected commercial users are dynamically moved to the available 3.5 GHz CBRS spectrum with minimal disruption.

Spectrum Access System (SAS)

Sharing CBRS spectrum is made easy through our award-winning Spectrum Controller, which combines our standards-based, patented, algorithm-powered SAS with our triple-redundant ESC network. The SAS is implemented as a service in the cloud for efficiency and scale. This unleashes new business models and service opportunities as well as provides unprecedented support for expanding coverage and capacity for service providers and mission-critical applications.

Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) System

Building on the cloud scale and efficiency of Federated Wireless’ market-leading CBRS-SAS, our AFC system will deliver a coordinated shared spectrum for high-speed wireless connectivity in the 6 GHz bands. Conditionally approved by the FCC in the US, our AFC system is designed to adapt for expansion in international markets as more regulatory bodies approve access by unlicensed standard-power devices in the 6 GHz bands.

    • 3.5 GHz CBRS-SAS
    • 6 GHz-AFC for Wi-Fi 6E
    • Effortlessly deploy the market-leading CBRS-SAS service with best-of-class operational support from planning through design, implementation, and expansion.

    • Operate standard power indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6E devices at higher power with a certification-ready and built for scale Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system.

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    • Fixed Wireless Planner
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    • CBRS Optimization Services
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