Welcome to the world’s first automated marketplace for leasing and monetizing licensed spectrum.

A marketplace for
leasing spectrum.

Think about how simple it is to browse and book a vacation rental online. Spectrum Exchange is a browser-based portal that brings that same simplicity to leasing spectrum. Priority Access License (PAL) holders list pricing, terms and area options for the spectrum they want to monetize. Users browse options for available spectrum based on location, timing, lease duration, etc. Once an order is placed, the lease is registered with the FCC and the PAL spectrum is assigned immediately thanks to our cloud-native Spectrum Controller.

Lease spectrum
at cloud speed.

Low cost


Browse real-time spectrum availability and transact fast thanks to our cloud-native platform.



List, order and transact 100% online with zero delays or paperwork thanks to our Light Touch API and close coordination with the FCC.



PAL holders have full control over leasing terms. Our portal makes it easy to set the location, duration and price.


Search for available spectrum based on exactly where and when you need it with clear options listed on our intuitive UI.


Powerful Connectivity

Spectrum is dynamically allocated and protected by our award-winning Spectrum Controller, with ongoing delivery assured through the Federated Wireless network operations center (NOC).

Interested in
leasing spectrum?

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