Federated Wireless Launches Private Wireless-as-a-Service Powered by Industry’s Largest Shared Spectrum Partner Ecosystem

Industry’s simplest path to 5G private wireless with a turnkey managed service to order, onboard and scale a complete private wireless network

The ultimate in flexibility and optionality for customers with a solution backed by the industry’s largest shared spectrum partner ecosystem.

ARLINGTON, Va. — Sep 27, 2022 — Today, Federated Wireless, the leader in private wireless and shared spectrum innovation, announced they have launched a new subscription-based managed service to give enterprise IT and OT leaders the simplest path to connect modern, industry-specific use cases over next-generation private wireless networks. Private Wireless-as-a-Service by Federated Wireless delivers a simple 3-step customer success model for enterprises to get started with 4G and 5G connectivity and turn on their first applications and devices in as little as two weeks.

Designed around a 3-step customer success model, Private Wireless-as-a-Service gives enterprise and government customers the most direct and success-driven path to order, onboard and scale next-generation 4G and 5G private networks to power data-intensive applications and hyper-connected devices.

The service is delivered in three simple steps – order, onboard and scale. Customers order the service over the AWS Marketplace by defining their use case requirements and the location of their first deployment. Their first private wireless node is installed and onboarded with their initial connected devices and applications, fully operational in as little as two weeks. Once the private wireless network is up and running, customers have an RF and network design plan in position to scale connectivity for covering larger areas, adding users, or launching new applications and devices.

Private Wireless-as-a-Service is designed to give customers all the power of 5G connectivity without requiring IT teams to acquire additional resources or wireless expertise. Federated Wireless gives customers easy access to its industry-leading spectrum management, enterprise-grade wireless design, and expert deployment services for enterprises across multiple industries and use cases including automated robotics, HD video analytics, digital signage and critical communications.

“Our mission, for years, has been very simple. We are making it extremely easy for IT and OT leaders to make their most important new innovations possible with 4G and 5G shared spectrum connectivity,” Iyad Tarazi, CEO at Federated Wireless. “That’s what makes Federated Wireless different. We don’t want to just sell a customer a network. We’re singularly focused on customer success, and that means delivering private wireless solutions that meet their exact requirements and drive real outcomes for the business.”

Another unique value for customers comes from the fact that Federated Wireless deploys true private wireless solutions built on shared spectrum. This direct, truly private shared spectrum model translates to faster deployments with lower costs and major advantages in security and performance because data never has to leave the customer’s property or cross a public network. As a leader in CBRS spectrum access, Federated Wireless Private Wireless-as-a-Service also gives customers a direct model for integrated shared spectrum management and critical live-answer NoC services with 24/7 phone support to ensure service continuity.

Private Wireless-as-a-Service provides customers a number of flexible consumption models with options including CAPEX, OPEX, and short-term deployments. An additional cost benefit of deploying private wireless over Federated Wireless managed shared spectrum is that data is unmetered, so customers never have to worry about losing control of costs or throttled bandwidth. Because customers are not charged based on data consumption, the pricing model ensures IT and OT teams can turn on and scale data-intensive new applications that have to operate 24/7/365 without taking on prohibitive costs.

The managed service is also backed by the industry’s largest shared spectrum partner ecosystem. This allows Federated Wireless to be use-case focused and technology agnostic, delivering the exact, industry-proven solution to meet customer requirements while seamlessly integrating into their IT stack and leveraging existing wireless infrastructure. This gives customers the ultimate in flexibility and optionality for their private wireless strategy.

About Federated Wireless
Founded in 2012, Federated Wireless is the leading innovator of private wireless and shared spectrum services. The company’s partner ecosystem includes more than 80 solution and edge partners, all of which are dedicated to collaboration in advance development and deployment of shared spectrum services. Federated Wireless’ customer base includes companies spanning telecommunications, government, logistics, manufacturing, energy, hospitality, education, retail, office space, municipal and residential verticals, with use cases ranging from Private Wireless and Industrial IoT to network densification and mobile offload. For more information, visit: www.federatedwireless.com.

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