CBRS Optimization Services

Getting the best out of your CBRS wireless deployments.

Design. Assess.

Optimizing your network for society’s innovation takes the best and latest tools. Federated Wireless has the expertise and infrastructure to offer CBRS optimization services in every deployment.

professional services blueprint.

  • Preliminary RF Design

    • Indoor, outdoor deployments
    • Radio, antenna system design
    • Estimate bill of materials
    • One-hour review session
  • Final RF Design

    • Indoor design report, 3D model, CINR and capacity analysis
    • Outdoor RF design, RSRP coverage, with SINR, capacity analysis
    • AP count, placement, network diagram, detail bill of materials
    • One-hour review session
  • CBRS Spectrum Assessment

    • CBRS spectrum availability for indoor or outdoor
    • Use of spectrum controller ESC sensor network data
    • Spectrum assessment report
    • 30-minute review session
  • CBRS Network Optimization by Area

    • Validate radio layer design with site location, deployment configuration
    • Radio configuration for customer site locations
    • Post deployment support issues (analysis, recommendations)
    • One-hour review session
  • CBSD Power, Bandwidth Analysis

    • CBSD bandwidth, EIRP report
    • Analysis for gaps in proposed network
    • Confirm deployment site, configuration will receive desired EIRP
    • One-hour review session
  • Federal Incumbent Radar Impact CBSD Analysis

    • Analysis for network operators deploying near coastal areas, military sites
    • Identify CBSDs that may be impacted by incumbent activities
    • Move list for customer CBSDs and ‘what if’ radios
    • One-hour review session

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