Federated Wireless Revolutionizes Shared Spectrum Management with the Launch of Adaptive Network Planner

Federated Wireless Revolutionizes Shared Spectrum Management with the Launch of Adaptive Network Planner

Real-Time Accuracy and Integrated Workflows Offer Preview of CBRS Advanced Capabilities

ARLINGTON, Va., June 6, 2024 – Federated Wireless, the global leader in spectrum management and shared spectrum services, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Adaptive Network Planner. As part of a new generation of spectrum sharing tools and functionality dubbed CBRS Advanced, this innovative solution is set to redefine the industry standard for adaptive network planning with unparalleled real-time modeling accuracy, integration with spectrum management and business operations workflow systems and 24/7 support.

In today’s dynamic wireless landscape, the ability to adapt to evolving incumbent and interference scenarios is paramount. Federated Wireless recognized this need and has developed a solution that combines automation, shared-band deployment data, and tight integration with business operations to speed up customer deployments, reduce operational costs and get optimized network performance for customer use cases.

The Federated Wireless Network Planner empowers network operators of any size to achieve carrier-grade shared spectrum deployments with its adaptive planning capabilities. By providing very high modeling accuracy using real-time SAS/AFC and network measurement data, fully integrated planning and spectrum operations to create one intuitive tool, business workflow integration for rapid deployments, and predictive insights with proactive mitigation and recommendations, the newly-announced tool ensures high-quality network performance that meets connectivity demands and use case requirements.

“We crafted the Federated Wireless Adaptive Network Planner to directly address our customers’ evolving needs, focusing on enhanced installation optimization, pre-deployment planning, and new site validation. Our new tool offers highly precise planning, effectively lowering operational costs across various critical scenarios, including federal reporting and comprehensive technical and business analysis,” explained Becky Bobzien-Simms, Chief Revenue Officer for Federated Wireless. “The seamless integration with existing customer systems and proactive support from our internal team at Federated promise to significantly streamline shared spectrum operations and ensure the success of network deployments. This enables customers to efficiently achieve their networking objectives, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.”

Adaptive Network Planner features include:

  • Seamless integration with AFC/SAS for deployment data and spectrum availability
  • Customized workflow systems integration
  • Rapid support and issue resolution
  • Live access to dedicated subject matter experts
  • AI-enabled predictive network planning
  • Cloud-enabled speed and availability
  • Expert systems-based planning support

The Federated Wireless Adaptive Network Planner makes possible rapid deployment of high-quality networks that perform optimally today and into the future, with features including real-time modeling accuracy, an intuitive integrated interface, easy workflow integration, predictive analytics, and proactive planning capabilities.

“As the demand for spectrum continues to outpace availability, the need for innovative solutions has never been more urgent. Federated Wireless is thrilled to address this demand with the introduction of our Advanced Network Planning tool, the first in a series of enhancements collectively termed CBRS Advanced. This will elevate Federated Wireless’s shared spectrum platform to unprecedented levels, ensuring an even more robust and efficient user experience,” said Federated Wireless CEO Iyad Tarazi. “Our network planning tool and other planned CBRS Advanced features will not only make shared spectrum a practical reality but also bring wireless performance on par with wired networks, all while significantly reducing costs compared to traditional unlicensed bands.”

Backed by a mature operations team and tools, Federated Wireless provides unparalleled support with 24/7/365 managed services, including NOC to NOC communications, change management processes, proactive updates and issue resolution, dedicated support, service level agreements, and an online expert system. For more information, navigate to: https://www.federatedwireless.com/planning-tool/

About Federated Wireless
Federated Wireless is leading the industry in delivering shared spectrum connectivity, enabling carriers, enterprises, and industrial operators to access CBRS spectrum. The company offers spectrum access services to enable easy, reliable, and secure access to shared spectrum for private LTE and 5G networks. For more information, visit federatedwireless.com.

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