How Can Enterprises And Venue Owners Benefit From CBRS?


If you run an enterprise organization or venue and struggle to provide good cellular coverage to your users, it’s time to consider the many benefits of CBRS.

We are diligently in the thick of planning Initial Commercial Deployments and what better time to revisit the impact of CBRS on a variety of industries that rely on wireless technologies? Two of those industries include enterprises of all sizes and venues like universities, stadiums and convention centers. Monica Paolini, founder and president of Senza Fili, a consulting firm that provides advisory support on wireless technologies and services, along with CBRS Alliance President Dave Wright, started this conversation back in December with the release of their webinar – “CBRS: Should the enterprise and venue owners care?” It posed a great question, as many enterprise organizations and venue owners may not consider CBRS as an option for wireless coverage. As it stands, CBRS is not only an option, it’s an ideal choice for both private LTE and Industrial IoT.

Many in these industries struggle to provide cellular coverage that meets user demands. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the quality of service at a hotel, football stadium, even your own office, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t throw your phone against the wall just yet. In the past, enterprises and venue owners have either had to rely on mobile operators for good service or deploy their own Wi-Fi network. Today, they have a new choice – CBRS – which enables them to upgrade their communications networks with high-speed private LTE solutions that they can deploy themselves. It’s as cost-effective and easy to deploy as Wi-Fi. Here’s a case in point: American Tower and Ruckus Networks Announce First Commercial CBRS Deployment at ISM Raceway.

Following December’s webinar, Paolini had the opportunity to sit down with leaders from Westell, Nokia, Ericsson, Federated Wireless and the CBRS Alliance to discuss the impact and very real benefits of CBRS on enterprises and venue owners. Here’s why you are at the forefront of CBRS adoption and how it can greatly benefit your industry:

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Download the transcript of my interview with Paolini.

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Iyad Tarazi joined Federated Wireless from Sprint Corp., where he served as Vice President of Network Development and led the Network Vision network modernization project. Responsibilities included overseeing the development and integration of new products and technologies within Sprint’s networks and managing Sprint-Nextel’s technology integration labs.
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