Reflections on Attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018

As the wireless world gathers in Barcelona to showcase the latest in tech at Mobile World Congress, I can’t help but reflect on all the work that has been done to bring us to this moment. Major progress has been made throughout the ecosystem since last year’s show, getting us closer to the commercialization of shared spectrum in 2018. Over the past four years, we have implemented rigorous R&D and worked alongside regulators and partners to accomplish so much:

  • The vast majority of rules and standards are complete
  • Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller in beta for nearly two years
  • Over 20 OEM partners integrated with our platform
  • Over 40 demonstrations and trials now moving into several large field trials
  • Hundreds of CBSDs now active on our Spectrum Controller
  • Launch of our commercial-ready Spectrum Controller at MWC Americas
  • Field verification of our integrated commercial ESC sensors
  • And just last week, FCC conditional approval for Federated Wireless to operate an ESC network

The industry has been growing in its understanding of shared spectrum, taking deeper dives with dozens of trials that stand as proofs of concept for the CBRS vision. These trials allow for both product and process seasoning. During the first half of this year, we have been preparing for operational readiness through large trials in four key segments (MNOs, MSOs, MSPs, and WISPs) and in early February we launched our Partner Program, a reflection of everything we’ve learned from our customers and partners through the process.

As the CBRS ecosystem continues to mature, the conversation has shifted, even within the last year. The narrative has moved from the promise of tomorrow to the practical implementation of the shared spectrum today.

We are excited to participate in the shared spectrum discussion at this year’s Mobile World Congress. For those interested in our Partner Program and meeting with the Federated Wireless team, look for us at Hall 2 EMR A13/14. We will also have partner demos featuring the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller at several exhibitor booths:

  • Ruckus, Hall 2 Stand 2G51
  • Coriant, Hall 2 Stand 2I30
  • Sercomm, Hall 2 Stand 2G3
  • Samsung, Hall 2 Stand 2M20
  • SpiderCloud, Hall 2.1 EMR 2.1C49
  • Juni, Hall 7 Stand 7F61

I expect to see a lot of continued hype around 5G and AI at the show this year. Come talk to us about a clear path to 5G with shared spectrum that is happening today.

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