Reaching a Milestone with WInnForum’s Standards for Spectrum Sharing

Last month, the Wireless Innovation Forum released “Requirements for Commercial operation in the U.S. 3550-3700 MHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service Band” to ensure properly functioning spectrum sharing in the band. Specifically, the report defines the necessary operation and standard interfaces between the equipment that will facilitate spectrum sharing in the band, including Spectrum Access Systems (SAS), Citizens Broadband Radio Service Devices, End User Devices, Priority Access Licenses and General Authorized Access equipment.

Federated Wireless has played an important leadership role in the journey to make shared spectrum a reality. The WInnForum requirements are based on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Citizens Broadband Radio Service rules that were finalized in April. Federated Wireless helped create these rules. In addition, our CEO, Iyad Tarazi, co-chairs WInnForum’s Spectrum Sharing Committee, which works to ensure that the 3.5 GHz band can be successfully commercialized through the creation of solutions and standards that will encourage rapid development of the CBRS ecosystem, protect incumbent operations and benefit all potential stakeholders in the band.
As we shared last month, Federated Wireless has officially begun the certification process with the FCC for our SAS, CINQ XP,  a cloud-hosted data analytics and intelligence solution designed to help wireless carriers extend the allocation and management of spectrum resources and enable 5G, the next generation of mobile communications. This latest milestone – the WInnForum report – is another key step in the direction of the commercialization of shared spectrum. As always, Federated Wireless is proud to serve as a leader in bringing all of the pieces – the regulations, the technology and the standards – together.

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