The New Wireless Frontier for Cable: Shared Spectrum

In a recent post by our CTO Kurt Schaubach, we discussed the state of the shared spectrum market and collaboration among companies to drive the 3.5 GHz shared band forward. It’s clear that significant progress is being made, and while there’s been a lot of talk around the impact on mobile operators, there’s a new player stepping into the ring. Cable Operators.

Historically, there have been two vehicles for MSOs to add a mobile option to their networks: either spend billions in expensive FCC spectrum auctions and then spend billions more to build out a cellular network, or to create an MVNO agreement with a mobile network operator. As you’ve seen in recent announcements, several US cable companies have taken the first step with updated MVNO agreements, which is a great start.  The next step will be for them to determine where to further invest their wireless budgets.  Shared spectrum offers a new, cost-effective opportunity for cable operators.

Our team is unlocking a spectrum of possibilities for cable operators that will give them a unique edge in a crowded market. How so? By unleashing a vast amount of spectrum for greater coverage and capacity, as well as for premium services, leveraging their broadband/Wi-Fi assets. Shared spectrum may also turn into an important customer retention and revenue enhancement tool, opening up new opportunities in the enterprise segment and potentially other partners in the communications and digital media ecosystem.

Benefits will be realized as early as 2018, but preparation begins now. Are you ready?

For complete details on the key benefits of 3.5 GHz to MSOs, download our new white paper today.

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