Powering Wireless Success: Spectrum Controller & Secured Investment

You may have seen the news this morning – our announcement of the commercial availability of our Spectrum Controller and the closing of a $42M Series B round of funding, including strategic investments from key wireless industry ecosystem participants. This news is the result of lots of hard work from our team, determination, and a great community of support. We would like to send special thanks to Charter Communications, American Tower Corporation, ARRIS International, GIC, Woodford Investment Management, and Allied Minds for supporting our vision and for understanding that the notion of spectrum sharing is here and now.

It’s Here

Many people think that a shared spectrum is a futuristic idea. It’s not. It’s available now! Shared spectrum is commercially available for businesses of all sizes to use and reduce the cost of delivering wireless services, with our technology serving as the onramp. This was very clear at the Mobile World Congress here in San Francisco this week, where CBRS was one of the hot topics in the show and the CBRS Alliance Seminar was standing-room only.

The availability of our Spectrum Controller and the investment of the wireless industry in our company will enable us to cement our leadership position and capitalize on the rapid industry shift to shared spectrum beginning this year.

What Is The Spectrum Controller?

The Spectrum Controller is a new product category that incorporates the key CBRS SAS and ESC functions, but it is so much more. It’s an end-to-end cloud-based solution for the dynamic management of shared spectrum, helping businesses to quickly and efficiently plan, optimize, and monetize CBRS services. The Spectrum Controller’s key components include:

  • Spectrum Access System (SAS) – A standards-based cloud service that delivers access to interference-free bandwidth within the CBRS band, enhancing wireless coverage options.
  • Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) Network – A nationwide network of redundant sensors that identify and protect the federal agencies already using the 3.5 GHz band to ensure defense and government communications aren’t impacted by commercial users.
  • Spectrum Management Tools – A robust set of tools and analytics provides a real-time view into shared spectrum utilization and availability to maximize the use of CBRS and enable greater optimization.
  • Open Partner Ecosystem – An API-centric architecture and large ecosystem of pre-integrated technology partners that enable ease of integration with existing networks while reducing operating costs and improving time to market.

Leverage CBRS Now

Our new Spectrum Controller allows Mobile Operators, Cable Operators, Broadband Wireless Access Providers (BWAs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprises across industries to leverage CBRS when and where they need it. As a result, spectrum efficiency and utilization are not only increased, but the economics of delivering spectrum-based services and applications are dramatically improved for operators and enterprises. The technology allows for the bolstering of existing carrier and LTE networks and for commercial and industrial properties to launch robust LTE networks for advanced applications.

More Great News!

In addition to all of the launch excitement, we also have a new, bold website look. We welcome you to check out our updated site for news and views on shared spectrum as the ecosystem continues its rapid growth. From general information to business opportunities, get all the CBRS info you need in one spot.

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