Not All Spectrum is Created Equal

At Federated Wireless, we understand that our customers’ success hinges on the reliability of our systems. That’s why we deliver premium spectrum access, the trademarks of which are high availability with geo-redundancy, 24/7/365 live support with NOC monitoring and professional services.

What is High Availability?

High availability is the backbone of a robust network service, ensuring systems are operational without interruptions. It’s not just about being online; it’s about guaranteeing seamless functionality over time. We measure this using the industry-standard ‘five nines’—99.999% availability—indicating exceptional reliability and design.

Beyond Five Nines: Our Innovative Edge

Our pursuit of reliability extends beyond industry standards. We’ve engineered additional safeguards, such as geo-redundancy, caching layers and a highly redundant Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) network, to fortify our (and therefore your) service against any contingency.

Ensuring Priority Access for Incumbents

A cornerstone of our commitment to high availability is respecting the incumbents’ priority access to the band. To navigate this, our SAS utilizes the ESC network. These coastal sensors are our eyes and ears on the ground, detecting incumbent radar activity and informing us when to adapt our spectrum allocation to maintain harmony across the board.

SAS: The Heartbeat of Shared Spectrum

Our Spectrum Access System (SAS) exemplifies our commitment to high availability. The SAS is a centralized spectrum management system used to enforce spectrum access rules to ensure non-interfering operation, which sometimes requires rapid channel reassignments when a Navy radar operating off the coast turns on. The SAS ensures that shared spectrum is sufficiently protected and efficiently utilized.

Calculating Availability: A Year in Seconds

To quantify our success, we scrutinize every second of the year, subtracting any downtime to calculate our high availability percentage. This meticulous approach showcases our dedication to maintaining service reliability and customer trust.

High availability is not a luxury—it’s a necessity for our customers engaged in critical tasks. It’s the confidence that their services will function flawlessly, even under sub-optimal conditions—or as we like to say, when it matters most.

Mitigating Outages: Our Proactive Approach

Understanding the implications of downtime, we’ve architected our systems to preempt outages. Designing for failure yields a self-healing infrastructure to minimize impacts due to outages. With services distributed across strategic locations and continual monitoring, we ensure a rapid response to any incident.

Customer Support: Our Promise of Excellence

Our proactive support structure is a hallmark of our service. From the MyFederated portal to our 24/7 response team, we stand ready to assist, anticipating issues before they impact our customers.

The Role of SAS Administrators

At the heart of ensuring seamless connectivity is our SAS team. These specialists are tasked with a critical role: managing CBRS operations to safeguard against interference within the network’s various access tiers and user groups. It’s a sophisticated orchestration that requires meticulous attention and expertise.

Behind the Scenes of Spectrum Allocation

While users may simply request access to the band, the process is anything but simple. Our systems must engage in a significant exchange of interference-related data with other SAS providers, a daily computational dance that ensures the integrity of the spectrum’s usage. This collaboration, while challenging and compute-intensive, is crucial for minimizing delays and maintaining service quality.

The Federated Wireless Difference

The technicalities of SAS administration underscore the complexity of delivering high availability in shared spectrum services. At Federated Wireless, our commitment to high availability is unwavering. With each second of uptime, we’re not just powering networks; we’re empowering businesses, facilitating growth, and fostering connections that matter.

While FCC certification sets a baseline, our approach to high availability transcends these standards. We’ve leveraged cloud solutions and strategic partnerships to elevate our service, offering a network that our customers can depend on without reservation.

Our cross-functional teams embody collaboration, ensuring that from the CTO to engineering, operations to customer support, we’re aligned in delivering high availability without compromise.

Engage with Us

We invite you to join us in this journey of unparalleled connectivity. Reach out to learn more about our high availability solutions and how we can support your mission-critical operations. Together, let’s build a future that’s always connected.

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