How to Easily Migrate CBRS SAS Providers

Weighing your CBRS SAS provider options to prepare for an upcoming migration? We captured a few of the top points to consider, and outline how we can help with a simple migration path.

Migrating Between CBRS SAS Providers

If you found your way to this page, it means you’re probably ready to switch CBRS SAS providers, and you just need to figure out three things:

  1. How do I choose the right CBRS SAS provider? (I don’t want to have to switch again)
  2. How do I make the transition easy?
  3. How do I make sure none of my subscribers are disrupted when I make the switch?

We understand, and we’re here to help. In fact, here’s a link to some fast, simple instructions if you’re ready to migrate CBRS SAS providers right now.

Switch to the Federated Wireless CBRS SAS >

If you’re still doing the research to make the best decision possible. We hope this article helps.

How do I choose the right CBRS SAS provider?

The fact is that for wireless connectivity to work for your subscribers it needs to essentially never be down.

And in the event that there is a disruption in service, your CBRS SAS provider needs to be a partner you can rely on to respond rapidly and clearly to help bring your customers back online (ideally, before they ever even notice).

A great CBRS SAS provider should look something like this:

  • Built cloud-first with over 99.999% availability
  • 24/7/365 NOC Services
  • Year-round, toll-free customer support (you can call a real person when you need to)
  • Industry leading CBRS CPI training (Certified Professional Installer)
  • Hands-on deployment engineer support for each customer onboarding experience
  • On-demand support portal and best practice community

So spoiler. We think the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller and our CBRS SAS services are the best in the world. But with good reason. Shared spectrum services and wireless innovations, including CBRS SAS, are all that we do, and our only goal is to enable more businesses to build networks on cloud-managed shared spectrum. That means our business model revolves around making sure your wireless efforts succeed.

A few more reasons why we’re a smart move for your CBRS spectrum services:

  1. We played a major role in making CBRS and the shared spectrum model a reality (just ask Wikipedia)
  2. Our 350+ customers love us
  3. Wireless is in our DNA (meet our leadership with veterans from Sprint, Qualcomm and Motorola)

Listen, we understand that keeping the customer connected and happy is your only priority, because that’s our number one goal too. That’s why we’re obsessed with delivering the most reliable CBRS spectrum services in the industry.

Many of our customers come to us with questions about migrating devices safely between CBRS SAS providers. The reasons for switching usually come down to the fact that the operational or customer support model of their existing SAS provider doesn’t suit their business. But, whatever the reason for switching SAS providers might be we make it easy to transition your devices to Federated Wireless without disrupting your service or impacting customers.

The fact is, the main reason customers switch to Federated Wireless and stick with us is our world-class customer support. From day one we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering unmatched service to our customers, and we continue investing in our technology and our support infrastructure to constantly deliver the best shared spectrum services in the industry.

When it comes to wireless, you need a partner you can rely on. We’re here to help you deliver the most reliable connectivity possible to your customers.

If you’re ready to learn more, or make the switch to the Federated Wireless SAS we’ve made it as easy to switch as possible to save you trouble and protect your subscribers from disruption.

How do I easily migrate CBRS SAS providers?

Switching from your current SAS provider to the Federated Wireless SAS is easy.

If you are a Cambium customer, open a Cambium support case to switch your CBRS deployment to the Federated Wireless SAS, and they manage the transition. If that’s your situation, you can stop reading this article here and go make the easy switch with Cambium.

If you have purchased or plan to purchase your SAS service through one of our VAR partners, please contact the VAR and let them know that you want to transition your CBRS deployment to the Federated Wireless SAS.  Your VAR should take the lead in coordinating your transition to Federated Wireless.  Even if you are working with a VAR, feel free to contact Federated Wireless.

If you plan to work directly with Federated Wireless, please click this link to our SAS migration information request page.

Once you have signed up for service, a Federated Wireless deployment engineer will reach out to get your started.

Your hands-on, guided onboarding process will look like this:

  • We create your account on the SAS and supply you with:
    • The unique registration ID you will need to configure in your CBSDs or domain proxies.
    • A user account on the Federated Wireless SAS Web GUI.
    • Instructions on how to self-register for a profile on the MyFederated support portal that you’ll need to create support cases, search our knowledge base or participate in our community forums.
  • Schedule time for an onboarding session between you and the Federated Wireless SAS Operations team. During this session, we’ll:
    • Demonstrate how to use the SAS GUI and my federated portal.
    • Discuss how to configure your unique registration ID and SAS URL ( into your CBSDs or domain proxies.
    • Discuss how to best migrate your CBSD installation parameters to the Federated Wireless SAS.
    • Schedule a time for you to migrate your CBSDs to the Federated Wireless SAS.
    • Answer any other CBRS questions you may have.

We have worked closely with many customers to help them make a smooth transition from other SAS providers to the Federated Wireless SAS, and we look forward to helping you as well.

If you still have questions or just want to talk through your options with one of our specialists, setup a call and one of our specialists we’ll reach out to help get you started.

Register now for the Federated Wireless SAS >

Talk to one of our specialists >

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