Achieving Top Innovator Status for Neutral Host Providers’ Enterprise 5G Solutions

Earning recognition as a Top Innovator in enterprise 5G from respected research firms like ABI Research requires excellence across a range of criteria. ABI asks providers to demonstrate excellence on several different standards to earn Top Innovator status.

Based on ABI’s latest analysis, here is a closer look at what it took for Federated Wireless to be named a Top Innovator.

Flexible Deployment Models

A “one-size-fits-all” approach is unlikely to address the diverse requirements of enterprises adopting 5G. Top innovators need to support a wide variety of deployment models. Leaders leverage existing tower infrastructure for connectivity, extend public network coverage into buildings, or provide fully dedicated private networks on-premises. This enables providers to customize solutions based on each customer’s needs.

ABI’s recent analysis found that Federated Wireless exemplifies this flexibility by offering both full private network builds and neutral host options using shared infrastructure. We take this dual approach to enable us to serve a broader range of enterprise applications and environments.

Smart Monetization Strategies

As 5G managed service providers, top innovators rely on recurring revenue models rather than upfront CAPEX fees. But how do they set prices? The best providers utilize multiple indicators to land on fair and predictable pricing. Factors can include number of SIM cards, bandwidth consumption, KPIs, network usage, coverage, and operating hours.

Federated Wireless determines pricing based on a combination of connected devices, bandwidth levels, and coverage areas.

Robust Security

Today’s enterprises require iron-clad security, especially when handling sensitive data. While 5G offers inherent security benefits, ABI considers top innovators those that go above and beyond by leveraging technical expertise to further harden network protections. Federated Wireless was especially recognized by ABI for the strength of our 5G security approaches.

We draw on our experience providing spectrum sharing services to guarantee integrity for private 5G networks. Our heritage in managing shared cellular infrastructure securely gives us a leg up.

Technology Convergence

Solving pressing business problems requires more than just wireless connectivity. ABI considers top innovators those combine complementary technologies like edge computing, analytics, and AI to create complete solutions. Truly innovative companies understand how to smoothly orchestrate these technologies end-to-end to maximize value.

We more than fit the bill at Federated Wireless by providing connectivity through both distributed antenna systems (DAS) and cellular infrastructure. This combination allows us to support a diverse array of enterprise applications, from retail to manufacturing.

With thousands of customers, over 150,000 access points, and 50+ partners, ABI found that that we exemplify leadership across all its “Top Innovator” criteria. We look forward to continuing to forge leadership as we expand our enterprise- and defense-grade network solutions.

Learn more about Neutral Host 2.0.

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