Neutral Host 2.0™ for Carrier Extension

Close the wireless connectivity gap with a private wireless network and neutral host running over shared spectrum.

Meet the expectation for ubiquitous coverage.

Cell phone users today expect ubiquitous wireless connectivity but still experience gaps either because radio frequency (RF) signals are unable to penetrate modern building construction materials, or because they live in rural areas where carriers may not extend coverage.

Enter private wireless with a neutral host solution.

Shared spectrum starting with the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band enables any enterprise to deploy its own private wireless network. Private wireless networks running on shared spectrum within the CBRS band are affordable and deliver all the security and performance benefits of 4G and 5G. Adding our Neutral Host 2.0 capability onto your private wireless network enables public cell phone subscribers to use the private wireless network, extending coverage at a fraction of the cost of alternatives like Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

A new, cost-effective approach to neutral hosting.

Our Neutral Host solution adds cell phone service coverage as an additional capability of your private wireless network. Using your private wireless network with CBRS shared spectrum and Neutral Host capability, cell phone service from multiple mobile network providers can be supported, providing an efficient way to fix dead spots where cell phone service was previously unavailable.

  • Only one Radio Access Network (RAN) is used. The RAN is shared by private network users and public carrier users.
  • The Neutral Host gateway extends cell phone service from multiple carriers into areas covered by your private wireless network

Key benefits of our neutral host

Seamless coverage and mobility

Robust, carrier-grade security

High performance reliability

Enhanced end-user experience

Runs on commercial off-the-shelf servers in unmetered spectrum

Use cases


Old-style neutral host using DAS can be prohibitively complex and costly. Our vendor-neutral, shared infrastructure solution provides a way to use your private wireless network to extend cell service and cover dead spots in buildings.

Outdoor campus coverage

Neutral Host 2.0 can use your private wireless network to extend cell service to cover dead spots in outdoor areas on college campuses, office complexes, outdoor retail spaces, parking lots, event venues, and many other outdoor campus areas.

Rural areas

Resorts and rural communities where cell phone service is spotty can use Neutral Host 2.0 to provide cell phone service where it is needed to enhance the experience of residents and visitors.