5G Private Wireless for Warehouse Modernization

Delivering seamless connectivity that powers next-generation smart warehouse capabilities.

Is outdated wireless inhibiting your Industry 4.0 transformation and disrupting operations?

Powering the warehouse of the future requires secure, managed connectivity that supports monitoring, automation, robotics and more.

Thousands of new devices requiring low latency

Data-intensive applications running 24/7

Increasingly complex and growing attack surface

Smart warehouse solutions

Make delivering secure connectivity to data-intensive applications and hyper-connected warehouse solutions easy.

Connect Equipment

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Manned Forklifts
  • Sensors


  • Inventory / Asset Management
  • Operations Heat Mapping
  • Predictive Maintenance

Real-time Robotics

  • AGVs
  • AMRs
  • Autonomous Forklifts


  • Optimise Routes
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Warehouse Analytics

Campus Security

  • CCTV & Cameras
  • Access Management
  • Security / Fire Alarms


  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Authentication
  • Arrival / Departure Tracking

Employee Comms

  • Scanners
  • Ruggedized Devices
  • AR glasses


  • OCR & Barcode Scanning
  • Push-To-Talk
  • AR for Hands Free Instructions

Building Operations

  • Building Management System
  • HVAC & Lighting
  • Utilities


  • Optimal Energy Management
  • Reduce Utility Costs
  • Predictive Maintenance

Ready to leverage the power of 5G and all it enables in your warehouse environment?

Our private wireless networks deliver value through:

Superior indoor and outdoor coverage to conventional Wi-Fi and public Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

A flexible, secure, and reliable network completely under your control.


Simplicity of deployment — as easy as Wi-Fi!

A platform-neutral 5G solution that provides the on-ramp to greater cloud utility and edge compute power.

Ready for private wireless?

Our solutions experts can help you determine the best way to start.