Modernizing the SLED future. Without interruption.

Transforming the public sector with faster, more secure wireless networks.

Impact society with better connections.

Change happens fast with Private Wireless. With our industry-leading technology, you’re able to upgrade to broadband speeds and defense-grade security to enhance the efficiency of your systems, increase coverage and capacity, and introduce new applications to better serve your communities.

Private Wireless.
The key to modernization.

  • Improve the quality of education

    Provide unlimited access to learning resources without being restricted by time and location.

  • Strengthen cybersecurity

    Utilize the new and powerful Zero Trust Architecture to protect your data and prevent digital threats from all angles.

  • Accelerate smart innovation

    Easily deploy 5G networks for Smart City applications such as real-time traffic management.

  • Maximize efficiency

    Deploy 5G Private Wireless to increase productivity while reducing the maintenance cost of aging IT systems.

Private Wireless is
enhancing the
public sector.


  • Modernize education systems to improve access to learning resources
  • Enable remote learning through secure education websites and cloud services
  • Enhance library services with smart library control systems

State Government

  • Reduce maintenance costs for outdated systems that require long-term commitments
  • Promote economic growth through intelligent transportation technology
  • Deploy new applications to increase productivity and enable innovative use cases

Local Government

  • Modernize public infrastructure for hyper connected communities
  • Harness the power of the cloud to enhance the efficiency of public services
  • Provide instant access to real-time information for first responders and government personnel

The path to modernization
lies in Private Wireless.