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Wireless for

Make end-to-end supply chain transparency and flawless operations work with next-generation wireless.

Is outdated wireless disrupting your supply chain?

The applications, sensors and devices that your warehouses and operations run on are multiplying every year. If your current wireless setup is the weakest link in the supply chain, it’s time for an upgrade to secure, low latency private wireless.

Low latency

Thousands of new devices requiring low latency

Data-intensive applications

Data-intensive applications for supply chain visibility

Growing attack surface

Increasingly complex and growing attack surface

Ready for the 5G smart warehouse? This is where you start.

Make launching data-intensive applications and hyper-connected devices simpler with easy-to-deploy, ultra-reliable wireless.

Wireless designed to power your next warehouse or supply chain innovation and deployed fast

Whether it’s HD video analytics, automated robotics, or AR/VR solutions, private wireless can be installed and operational in days.

Ultra-reliable wireless is the key to scaling your Cloud, Edge and IoT plans

We understand your requirements to design, deliver and manage a pre-integrated wireless solution. Get connectivity that’s as simple to deploy as Wi-Fi with the coverage, mobility, reliability, and security of carrier-grade wireless.

3d rendering mobile connect with security camera.

Worry less with intrinsically private and secure wireless

True private wireless built on shared spectrum such as CBRS means your sensitive data never has to leave the walls of your warehouses or cross the public internet.

View our top case studies

No one has more experience with private wireless and shared spectrum.

Automated Robotics for Smart Farming

See how wireless deployed in less than three days powered a fleet of self-driving tractors

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Powering Smart Video Analytics During COVID

Simple deployment and low latency power HD video analytics

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Ready for 5G?

Our solutions experts can help you determine the best way to start with private wireless.