Next-gen connectivity for any community.

Empowering local governments to build smart communities.

Strengthen communities with better connections.

Communities—households and small businesses—are still held back by traditional mobile and internet services. Our industry-leading Private Wireless solution effectively and affordably delivers high-quality broadband connections to better serve your community and its residents.

Private Wireless delivers community-wide connectivity.

  • Empower with reliable access

    Secure, high-speed, and highly available mobile communications enhance collaboration and present new opportunities for visitors, residents, and businesses.

  • Strengthen security and peace of mind

    Leverage real-time video surveillance and analytics with first responders and deliver a greater level of safety and security to the community.

  • Deploy smart-city IoT devices and applications

    Easily deploy 5G networks for real-time automated tracking and management of public services within the community such as transportation, parking, and more.

  • Avoid costly fiber rollouts & extend Wi-Fi coverage

    Implement a high-performance 5G backhaul over expensive fiber, and deliver Wi-Fi connectivity to underserved areas.

Power your smart
community with
Federated Wireless
and AWS.

Augmented with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, our Private Wireless-as-a-Service (PWaaS) solution makes it easier than ever to give your administration and community a next-gen upgrade.

Robust 5G/4G PWaaS network connects a community and beyond

This foundational component modernizes your public infrastructure with a dedicated, extremely secure, and high-performance mobile network that delivers superior coverage and connectivity.

High-performance edge computing & AWS Cloud-based next-gen IT data center

Need real-time and on-demand data to enhance the efficiency of public services? AWS edge and cloud compute provide the power to effectively process, store, and analyze data—all with industry-leading speed, reliability, and security.

Serve your community with AWS’s IoT ecosystem

Paired with PWaaS, this broad portfolio of integrated devices and applications unlocks innovative smart city applications and management solutions for your administration and community.

The needs of your
community can't wait.