5G Private
Wireless for
Higher Education

Delivering seamless connectivity and empowering innovation on university and college campuses.

Is outdated wireless inhibiting innovation and disrupting the student experience on your campus?

Students and faculty require ultra-reliable, secure, and high throughput internet on campus to achieve their academic goals. A private wireless network helps deliver connectivity everywhere your students need to go.

“5G is a brand new opportunity for us to look for different ways to deliver data across campus. Wi-Fi just doesn’t go far enough.”

Bill Britton, CIO, Cal Poly

High Reliability and Low-Latency

Power data-intensive campus safety solutions with ultra-reliable, low latency private wireless that works across campus.

Private and Secure

Dedicated private wireless means sensitive data never has to leave the walls of campus or cross the public internet.

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Manage

Pick a location and define your use case.
A reliable wireless network can be pre-integrated and operationalized, fast.

Ready for enterprise 5G for your campus? This is where you start.

Make delivering secure connectivity to data-intensive applications and hyper-connected devices easier for students, faculty, and administrators across a large geographical area.

A carrier-grade wireless network that you own, tailored to your goals.

We bring your total cost of ownership down for ultra-reliable, ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

Turnkey yet customizable wireless designed for your exact requirements.

Our hardware, which can be deployed quickly, is as transparent as the network it’s running on.

Cloud, Edge, and IoT scalability.

Understanding your applications’ use case requirements means connectivity that is as simple to deploy as Wi-Fi.

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We are the industry leading provider of private wireless and shared spectrum.

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