Private Wireless

A turnkey managed service to order, onboard and scale a complete 4G or 5G private wireless network.


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Designed around a 3-step customer success model, Private Wireless gives your IT and OT teams the most direct and success-driven path to order, onboard and scale next-generation 4G and 5G private networks to power data-intensive applications and hyper-connected devices.

A private wireless network you own.

Low cost

Low Cost

High performance private wireless technology delivered at Enterprise Wi-Fi costs.



We bring our best-in-class solutions, partners, networks and services to meet business requirements.



Businesses can order the service they need, and we’ll deliver the network to bring the service to life. Quickly.

Cloud Scale

Automated applications and streamlined processes delivered from the cloud for improved efficiency that grows with businesses.



Businesses maintain secure control of network, policies and data, with visibility into network performance and usage.

Unlocking Potential: Explore Real-World Examples

We don't want to sell you a network. We want to help you upgrade your outdated wireless setup to next-generation wireless so you can make your most ambitious automation and transformation plans a reality.

Industrial Automation

Private Wireless connectivity supports warehousing and logistics use cases, including inventory management and robotics.

Critical Communications

Network connected ruggedized laptops and push-to-talk devices ensure that mission-critical communication is maintained throughout the enterprise.

Safety and Security

From HD video analytics to data-intensive security applications, private wireless can power your most complex safety projects.

  • When you introduce all of these devices and robotics for autonomous farming, it’s a massive amount of data in an extremely rural environment, and traditional connectivity becomes a huge problem. Managing a fleet of autonomous tractors and extracting data to different vendors in real-time would not be possible without the private wireless network from Intel and Federated Wireless.

    Alon Ascher, Chief Business Officer, Blue White Robotics

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