Refer a Friend Get Rewarded

Low availability getting you down? We know performance matters. Consistent high performance from Federated Wireless.

Refer a friend today and get rewarded

Special incentive to our customers who refer to Federated Wireless by 6/30/24.

The perks of migrating to Federated Wireless.

Free CPI certifications (or recertifications)

Credits on your next invoice

Referee and new customer receive the incentive

SAS usage fees waived during the month of transition

More Devices, Bigger Incentive

We want to reward our customers who refer a new customer that transitions all of their CBRS devices to Federated Wireless by 6/30/24.

Referred customers will receive the same incentive as the referring customer.

SAS usage fees during the month of transition will be waived for referred customer if the transition happens on or after the 10th of the month.

Key SAS Platform Features

Spectrum Quality Management

Enhanced Interference Management support through Channel Mask, Advanced Propagation Model, and best-in-class 24×7×365 support.

Built For Tomorrow

A cloud-native architecture with AI enabled tools tested to manage millions of devices for performance and scale.

Channel Management

Spectrum Inquiry channel guidance and same day grants deliver efficient access to available spectrum.

Dashboards And Analytics

Unique insights into spectrum utilization to easily improve manageability and troubleshoot issues.

No Down Time

Federated Wireless has migrated thousands of devices seamlessly; transitioning customers should expect no downtime.

Your future-proof
SAS provider.

Ecosystem Enablers

Largest Supported Ecosystem for CBRS with over 70 OEMs.

Shared Spectrum Leader

Our business is transforming wireless through shared spectrum innovation. Founded in 2012, Federated Wireless brings 10+ years of shared spectrum advocacy and experience to the table.

Carrier-grade NOC + SLAs

We manage SLAs, maintain a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), and have operational expertise in delivering five nines availability for cloud-native applications.

Adaptive Network Planner

Our adaptive tool is available for June deployments and is the first integrated CBRS and AFC planning tool. Making optimization of existing deployments efficient and cost effective.