Mission-ready 5G

Navigate the future of defense logistics with Federated Wireless. Our field-tested private 5G solutions lead the way in modernizing logistics, streamlining processes, and ensuring mission readiness from the warehouse forward.

Accelerating logistics modernization

4 warehouses. Over 1 million square feet. 100% digitization.

Our private 5G networks combined with KPMG’s cutting-edge applications are evolving Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany into a launchpad for nationwide defense logistics modernization efforts.

Outdated wireless is
undermining mission readiness

Changing, complex requirements demand networks that address legacy
wireless infrastructure problems.

Congested Wi-Fi with frequent interference

Limited real-time visibility and control

Network cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Time-consuming and error-prone manual workflows

The leap forward in defense logistics.

Remove pen-and-paper logistics and legacy infrastructure from the equation—Federated Wireless’s proven private wireless solutions can fast-track you to the forefront of digital evolution.

Mission-tailored turnkey deployment

Our solutions are designed to meet site-specific use cases and requirements, deployed by a team of wireless networking experts within weeks, rather than months.

True private wireless with zero trust framework

Security is built from the ground up. Your 100% private, dedicated, and unmetered network grants you total control of on-base signal deployment, heightening data security and ensuring access to emergency communications.

Interference-resistant connectivity

Seamless mobility and coverage provide ubiquitous, ultra-low-latency connectivity to complex in and outdoor environments for mission-critical applications.

Vast integrated wireless ecosystem

Our vendor-neutral networks are designed for interoperability with site-specific device and application solutions from our network of 300+ partners—without compromising on security.

Private wireless
with Neutral Host 2.0

Augment your private wireless network with extended cell phone service coverage to maintain high mission readiness, even in typical dead zones.

  • Lower cost than alternatives such as DAS

  • Indoor, outdoor, and rural connectivity

  • Robust, carrier-grade security

Power next-generation
use cases anywhere

  • Warehouse automation & robotics

  • AR/VR training & field simulation

  • Live autonomous vehicle connectivity

  • Base-wide security & surveillance

  • Remote energy management

  • Real-time inventory control

Trusted by the nation’s elite.

End-to-end deployment
for advanced mission readiness

Federated Wireless is more than a provider—we are a partner. From planning to implementation, we deliver cutting-edge private wireless solutions that serve as the backbone for your operational success.



US-based 24/7/365 network operations center (NOC)

Ready to leap
forward with
private wireless?

Our solutions experts can help you determine the best way to start with Private Wireless.