Connect Your Community
to the Future

The opportunities afforded by seamless wireless connectivity should be available to all. Position your community to thrive into the future—no matter the location and distance.

Connecting a sprawling rural campus

6 colleges. 9,000+ acres. 22,000+ students.

Partnering with AWS and T-Mobile, we have deployed a campus-wide private 5G network with neutral host capability for Cal Poly, transforming the university into a fully engaged digital campus community.

Ready to conquer the
digital divide?

Outdated wireless stifles quality of life and growth potential.

Unreliable connectivity widens the opportunity gap in education and employment

Challenging terrain hampers fiber rollouts

Legacy network infrastructure, where it exists, is costly to upgrade and scale

Connect your community with private wireless

With 10+ years of leadership in the shared spectrum and private wireless space, our networks make ubiquitous connectivity equitable.

Customizable turnkey deployment

Deployed quickly by a team of wireless networking experts, our solutions are designed to meet site-specific use cases and requirements.

Dedicated, affordable, and carrier-grade

Forget about expensive fiber or DAS rollouts. Bring down the total cost of ownership for ultra-reliable, ubiquitous connectivity.

Future-ready, seamless connectivity

Power data-intensive smart city management applications—social services, healthcare, education, and more. Our networks deliver connectivity both in and outdoors, across a wide geographical area.

Cloud, Edge, and IoT scalability

Private wireless enables the latest cloud-based and edge compute learning technologies that can easily scale to accommodate IoT, real-time data analysis, and other innovations.

Goodbye dead zones.

Private wireless
with Neutral Host 2.0

Augment your private wireless network with extended cell phone service coverage to deliver reliable connectivity across dead zones and challenging terrain.

  • Lower cost than alternatives such as DAS

  • Indoor, outdoor, and rural connectivity

  • Enables always-on emergency services

Unlock smart community
use cases anywhere

  • Seamless rural connectivity

  • Real-time video safety

  • Remote learning

  • Digital public service monitoring

  • Smart traffic control & parking

  • Life-line digital services

End-to-end turnkey

Affordable, adaptable, accessible—our full-service deployment and management form a
collaborative process that ensures a truly inclusive digital transformation.

Ready to connect
to the future?

Our solutions experts can help you determine the best way to start with private wireless.