CINQ XP Honored for Spectrum Efficiency


We’re pleased to share that Federated Wireless has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Telecom Edition, a carrier-reviewed awards program from the publisher of FierceWireless, FierceTelecom and FierceCable. CINQ XP, our Spectrum Access System (SAS) and Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) platform, was recognized as a finalist in the Spectrum Efficiency category.

Finalists’ applications were reviewed by an exclusive panel of executives from major telecommunications companies including Verizon, TeliaSonera, Comcast, Sprint and T-Mobile. All applications were evaluated based on effectiveness, ease of use/ ROI, true innovation and end-user impact.

Federated Wireless is helping to enable the next revolution in wireless. 5G will only be possible with more intelligent spectrum management. Carriers and governments need technologies that can extract greater utilization of existing spectrum resources and Federated Wireless’ CINQ XP aims to do just that. It provides:

– High quality spectrum utilization factor.

– Efficiencies across three tiers of access, supporting the federal government, carriers and the consumer.

– ESC to help minimize the impact of exclusion zones.

We have been a leader in developing the regulations, standards development and ecosystem for the shared spectrum model that has the potential to revolutionize the wireless industry. At the same time, we’ve been working to perfect our technology and, while we are still developing and testing our technology, it is exciting to be recognized for that piece of the market as well.


About the author /
Kurt Schaubach brings 25 years of wireless industry experience to Federated Wireless where he plays a key role in developing technologies and new business strategies to create the next-generation architecture of broadband wireless.
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