We’re Hiring – Join A Team of Insanely Talented Individuals


Since the beginning of this year, we have increased our headcount by 20 percent, and we expect to add 17-20 new positions by the end of 2018 with a similar growth rate in 2019.

The main driver of this growth is the maturity level of the CBRS/OnGo ecosystem. We hope you’re up to speed on CBRS because it’s in our DNA. All of the pieces are falling into place for CBRS services to be launched this year, and the recent FCC Public Notice on Initial Commercial Deployment confirms that for us. In order to be ready for commercial launch and to support our customers, we’re hiring and adding to our talented team. We are maturing just ahead of the need and industry readiness in order to capitalize on the opportunity in front of us.


  • Who: We are looking for individuals to join our Engineering, Operations and Sales departments today. We expect to see growth in our CTO department next year.
  • What: We need new team members who can bring their own unique knowledge and innovation to the table. We value employees who take pride in what we do and play a role in helping transform our Company into a better organization each day. Accountability is at the forefront of everything that we do. You can’t hide in a small company like ours, and we depend on people to take risks using sound judgment and to demonstrate creative ways to solve common problems that arise within the organization. We want people who embrace change and evolve, as our business is ever evolving, and we welcome new ideas and the ability to build on them.
  • Where: We are hiring primarily in our Arlington HQ office, where nearly half of our team resides, with some open positions in our Boston office. We also have a team in Silicon Valley but no open positions out there at this time. Keep checking back in on our Careers.
  • When: We’re hiring now! Our Company continues to grow as the industry gears up for commercialization. We will be making several hires now through next year.
  • Why: We offer all of the benefits of a start-up, including rapid growth and opportunity for advancement, a fast-paced environment where you can see your individual impact and a flat organization where your contribution isn’t limited by your title. We also have industry leaders and experts to work side-by-side with you and to learn from daily. We have all of that without the typical risk and instability associated with a start-up.
  • How: More specifically, how can you improve your chances of being hired? We are looking for people that are cultural fits or additives to the Company. During the interview process, expect to meet with several team members at all levels, as this is critical to hiring new employees that will mesh well with the team. When recruiting, we don’t just get HR and executives involved, we also include our Core Culture Team. These team members help us identify candidates with the right skill set that share the same values that underscore our culture. It will be especially important to continue these types of gut checks as we scale.
    • Another great tip when you interview with us is to be yourself and make sure that you connect on a personal level with the people you are meeting with. Show us who you are not just as a professional but as a person.


While this rapid rate of growth isn’t uncommon in start-up companies, it isn’t easy to preserve the culture and grow rapidly at the same time. We are adding talent quickly but deliberately with cross-functional interviewing teams to preserve the zeitgeist of FW.

We believe that the culture of an organization is determined by the experiences that employees have each and every day as they interact with each other and leadership. We know, because of that fact, culture isn’t just one thing. It is dynamic and is shaped by the values that we live by daily. The core values for us aren’t words written in some executive document. In fact, we only recently decided to codify the values we have been living since the beginning. Our core values are accountability, problem solving and true collaboration where voices are not just heard but sought out regardless of title or department.

One great example of this was recent work done by one of our interns who is still in high school. They developed an automation process that took the task from 3 days down to 20 minutes, and they made it implementable. Hopefully, they’ll come back to work for us like many of our other interns, but that just demonstrates how team members at every level have the ability to impact this Company and this industry.

If you want to work at a company where you can have a direct impact on a product, a team or an industry and see that impact on a daily basis – FW is for you. We have a team of passionate, insanely smart people who aren’t afraid of taking risks, making mistakes, owning their projects and results and having fun while doing it.


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