The Future of Spectrum Sharing: Insights from the New America Panels

Yesterday, the New America Foundation held an insightful event exploring the future of spectrum sharing and how frameworks like the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) are promoting innovation.

Michael Calabrese, Director, Wireless Future/New America, provided an update on CBRS adoption. There are now over 128,000 active CBSD radios and Priority Access Licenses grew 17% each month in 2022. While still early, progress has been promising so far. Calabrese emphasized the CBRS rules are dynamic, not static. He encouraged stakeholders to provide feedback to the NTIA to evolve CBRS over time.

Jason Wallin from John Deere discussed deploying private 5G using CBRS to support their Industry 4.0 transformation. With 20x more connected devices in facilities starting in 2019, they realized quickly that private cellular and CBRS would be crucial, especially for rural locations. Now private 5G is standard for any new North American facility. 80% of connections rely on private cellular due to IoT demands. They use neutral host networks to avoid needing DAS in each facility.

Vardahn Chaudhry from JBG Smith highlighted investments in fiber and CBRS to power smart cities. In February, Federated Wireless announced an expanded partnership with JBG Smith to innovate and deploy private 5G networks at National Landing. As part of JBG Smith’s $25.3 million investment in the CBRS spectrum, Federated and JBG are collaborating to develop a converged digital infrastructure platform to deliver advanced connectivity across National Landing.

JBG is building a dark fiber network across neighborhoods instead of individual buildings to stimulate growth. This anchors a carrier-neutral data center to serve businesses. JBG is focused on evangelizing CBRS in urban areas and testing sub-leasing Priority Access Licenses.

Federated Wireless joined as a foundational service provider on the platform to offer private wireless solutions at scale for a range of industries located in the area. JBG and Federated will also create an interoperable 5G private network showcase leveraging AWS to demonstrate next-gen technologies like IoT, AI, robotics, and more.

As part of this initiative, Federated Wireless will relocate its headquarters to National Landing, occupying 36,000 square feet of office space in one of JBG Smith’s buildings. This partnership highlights the momentum behind private 5G powered by shared spectrum and innovative collaboration between companies like Federated Wireless and JBG Smith.

Philip Neufeld from Fresno Unified School District discussed discovering 50% of students lacked adequate connectivity. They have extended access by bringing fiber backhaul into neighborhoods and deploying LTE networks using CBRS spectrum. This helps close the digital divide resulting from decades of disinvestment in broadband.

Federated Wireless Vice President of Legal Advocacy Jennifer McCarthy, who moderated one panel and participated in another, touched on how new technologies that enable more advanced dynamic spectrum sharing will only increase in importance as demand grows.

McCarthy’s insights highlighted how Federated Wireless has played a leading role in making CBRS a reality. The company’s Spectrum Controller is key for enabling enterprises and other organizations to take advantage of shared spectrum through CBRS. Federated Wireless continues to innovate in this area to expand access to spectrum, fuel innovation, and power the next generation of wireless connectivity.

`The New America Foundation event demonstrated the growing momentum behind shared spectrum models like CBRS. Jennifer McCarthy’s participation showcased Federated Wireless’ critical involvement in developing groundbreaking approaches to spectrum management that balance the needs of all stakeholders. As more organizations realize the benefits unlocked by CBRS, McCarthy and Federated Wireless will continue leading the way.

The event illustrated the momentum behind CBRS and Federated Wireless’ critical involvement in enabling spectrum sharing to expand 5G connectivity.

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