Solving Spectrum Scarcity: The Next Element Unveiled at MWC 2017

We’re mobile in more ways than one this week. Our team boarded a plane from the U.S. to Barcelona to participate in the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The long flight was worth it as we prepared for an exciting week, which kicked off for us last Friday with a few major announcements. I’ll get to that in a minute, though.

Mobile is an expansive industry. Universities are updating computer science programs with mobile computing courses to stay relevant. Brands develop entire marketing strategies around it to reach key audiences. Teams work exhaustively to develop apps that empower us to make better, more informed choices. It’s no wonder the MWC theme this year focuses on “The Next Element,” because it certainly seems like there will always be another element to mobile that we have yet to explore. For Federated Wireless, that next element is the solution to spectrum scarcity.

As Brocade CMO Christine Heckart put it in Network World, the age of the network is here. So why are we still struggling to access it? Many people don’t know this, but like a number of important resources on this planet, the very airwaves known as the spectrum that we use to access the network are scarce. Once the spectrum has been snatched up, it’s gone. This means that all progress made on the network will be stunted. That’s a lot of progress when you think of everything that takes place on the network every day. That’s why my team is proud to be a part of the next element—the shared spectrum.

We are unlocking a spectrum of possibilities this year, beginning at MWC with the announcement of conditional certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for our shared spectrum management solution, the spectrum controller. This will allow us to provide operators with highly efficient, dynamic, and secure access to spectrum resources when they need it. We’re not the only ones focused on solving spectrum scarcity, either. Major telecommunications companies like Nokia and Ericsson are also focused on the future and share our belief that the time to address this is now.

Baicells at Mobile World Congress 2017
Huge thanks to Baicells and all of our partners for highlighting the role of the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller in CBRS at MWC!
Federated Wireless was on display at the Baicells booth at MWC 2017.
Federated Wireless on display at the Baicells booth at MWC.
Iyad Tarazi at Mobile World Congress to introduce Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller.
Iyad Tarazi introduced the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller.

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