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Leading the wave: Network Densification

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Reach your customers wherever they are – indoors or out

Mobile Network Operators are faced with the business dilemma of an unlimited demand for data in a world of limited spectrum. Competition is fierce, and the more bandwidth you give your customers the more they consume. In dense urban areas outdoors and inside modern buildings of all sizes you need to provide high-quality 4G service. When spectrum becomes available for auction it comes at a high price. Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) – the 3.5 GHz innovation band – provides a new shared spectrum technology for strategically and cost-effectively adding wireless capacity to your network when and where needed.

The CBRS Advantage

CBRS offer 150 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. Spectrum is shared with Federal incumbents using a unique Spectrum Access System (SAS) mechanism. Mobile Operators can buy a Priority Access License at a cost expected to be far cheaper than exclusive licenses offered today, or can operate freely in the 80 MHz of spectrum set aside for General Access, delivering high quality LTE services.

The benefits are clear. Operators can quickly roll out network capacity for new indoor and outdoor LTE services while keeping customers on their network. Quality of Service remains high because this is an extension of their LTE network. Unlike Wi-Fi bands which are getting crowded, access is dynamically managed by the SAS so interference is kept to a minimum. Unlike DAS, which can be expensive and disruptive to deploy, CBRS deployment costs are on par with Wi-Fi. Using CBRS to extend the mobile wireless network with a high capacity, low cost LTE network that can be extended indoors offers a competitive advantage and could help gain share in the growing enterprise market segment.


Why Federated Wireless?

Federated Wireless is leading the shared spectrum wave, eliminating the problem of spectrum scarcity. We offer the industry’s first spectrum controller, an end-to-end system that enables government and commercial users to securely share the same spectrum band without impacting the quality of service that your customers expect. Federated Wireless is removing the multi-billion dollar price tag associated with spectrum access, fostering the creation of new business models.

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