Carl Temme 2022

Carl Temme

SVP, Product

About Carl

Carl Temme brings over 30 years product leadership experience helping to successfully grow wireless, IoT, and cloud SaaS product businesses. In his roles at both large and small companies, he has worked with partners, service providers, standards organizations, and product teams to deliver products that are aligned with customers’ needs.

Previously, Carl served in global product leadership roles for Cisco’s IoT wireless product line and IoT transportation solutions, Wi-Fi technology startups Atheros Communications and Airgo Networks, cloud SaaS solution provider IntelliShift, and other companies serving the wireless industry.  As initial chair of the IEEE802.11h task group, he contributed to pioneering initiatives for spectrum sharing.

Carl has a Masters in Engineering Management from Stanford University and a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California.


Kristin Tafaro

Chief of Staff

Kristin Tafaro